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Navigating the NGO, social enterprise and Education landscapes all at the same time can be difficult and require leaders to have diverse expertise. Staying up-to-date can be a challenge. We have assembled our favourite reports, readings and knowledge for you here in to help guide you through some of the latest sector information.

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Additionally you can learn more about Atma’s work through our Annual Reports and case studies.

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Atma Annual Reports

NGO and Social Enterprise in Education

Impact Report

In the last nine years, Atma has partnered with over 50 organisations to strengthen their internal systems, improve programme delivery and enabled them to reach-out to more students. For us, this experience has been a huge learning curve. We are proud that each organisation that we worked with has had a unique model to deliver, a unique demographic to serve, and that we could make a significant difference in their growth.

We believe that learning should never stop. We also believe that learning must be shared. Which is why we embarked on a mega exercise of conducting a historical evaluation of our core programme and finding out what was working, what was not and how can we deliver bigger, better and stronger results to the organisations that we serve. After conducting interviews and analysing each and every response, we decided to share our learning in a report format.

We are pleased that 100% of the interviewed partners appreciated the skills, positive attitudes, and quality of work of their Atma volunteers, 93% thought Atma was able to identify and help resolve the important challenges faced by the organisation and 70% of partners reported an important or critical impact on their ability to reach and scale.

We also received lots of constructive feedback which is now a part of this report. At Atma, we are not just committed to helping your organisation grow and deliver better results, but also committed to improving ourselves with each passing day.

Read the report here

FCRA Declaration

Certificate of Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010

FY 2017-18

Atma FCRA Received FY 2017-18 (Q3)

Atma FCRA Received FY 2017-18 (Q2)

Atma FCRA Received FY 2017-18 (Q1)

FY 2016-17

Atma FCRA Received FY 2016-17 (Q1)

Atma FCRA Received FY 2016-17 (Q2)

Atma FCRA Received FY 2016-17 (Q3)

Atma FCRA Received FY 2016-17 (Q4)

FY 2015-16

Atma FCRA Received 2015-16 (Q4)

Atma Annual Reports


Some of Mumbai’s most innovative education NGOs (like Bright Future, OSCAR, Apni Shala…) graduated from the Atma Accelerator Programme. We also launched a new offering called Atma Network and brand new Atma logo!

Read the Annual-Report-2015-16


In 2014-15, 21 Atma Challengers climbed the 20,182 ft Stok Kangri mountain in India’s Ladakh region and raised funds for the Accelerator Program. We also worked on ‘Leveraging Tech in Education’ project and implemented the Zaya Labs tech project in two of our partner NGOs. We can say that 2014-15 was a year of tech innovation for Atma as Atma Network, an online capacity building platform for NGOs was also launched.

Read the Annual-Report-2014-15


One of our biggest achievements for this year was the formation
of a special project in cooperation with the Canadian Government Fund for Local Initiatives.

Read the Annual-Report-2013-14


The 2012-13 financial year really pushed us as an organisation to think big growing our portfolio to 20 organisations. we met over 100 organisations to identify the best fit partners. This whole process illustrates the real need for Atma’s work in the education sector.

Read the Annual-Report-2012-13


2011-2012 marks the transition of our team from the founder to a board and team led entity. We graduated 3 organisations and reached out to over 10,000 children.

Read the Annual-Report-2011-2012


Here is Atma’s 2010-2011 Annual Report. The year ended with Atma celebrating our 4th Anniversary as an organisation. Founded in 2007, Atma supports the development of Quality Education through our unique capacity building model.

Read the Atma Annual Report 2010-11

Older Annual Reports available on request.

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